About Us
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EcoWill Canada is a socially and environmentally progressive company supporting sustainable development.

Our strategic priority is the integration of environmental, governance and social criteria into the traditional business decision making process. We pursue opportunities in ventures that consider a positive environmental and social impact of a project to be a priority and align ourselves with institutions and individuals who believe in using economic and market levers to encourage corporate responsibility and positive social change. Sustainable development spans a wide and growing range of products and investments. Our goal is to provide both: social and economic benefits.  Businesses involved in sustainable development consider environmental and social benefits as well as competitive financial returns on their investments, and it is possible to consistently achieve both.

We are promoting the idea that sustainable development is reasonably consistent with social values. It helps that environmentally friendly and socially progressive companies tend to be more popular socially, like corporations that develop sources of natural energy, or small businesses that aim to develop surrounding communities.

As a socially and environmentally responsible business, EcoWill Canada advances projects based on weighing both: commitment to corporate concerns and social values. Therefore, we avoid dealing with industries with harmful or negative effects like tobacco, gambling or weapons manufacturing. We pursue opportunities in business ventures that consider a positive environmental and social impact of a project to be a priority.

In the last decade, socially and environmentally responsible businesses have caught the attention of an increasing number of corporate investors, who are seeing the value of incorporating environmental and socially responsible practices in their businesses, and taking into consideration environmental and social risks when producing and distributing products. Institutions — like universities, hospitals and even insurance companies — have become the largest and fastest-growing segment of investors playing on this field.

By pursuing socially and environmentally responsible endeavors, we aim at advancing the company’s bottom line, and generating long-term profits that are competitive on the market.



Property Managment

EcoWill Canada offers extensive experience in the field of Property Management, in particular in Management of Condominiums.

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